A Hope Center
Equipment for A Hope Center's STI/STD Education and Abortion Counseling.
2015 $2,838.00
2014 $4,999.00
For a new ultrasound machine.
2012 $10,000.00
Early Childhood Alliance
To purchase an otoacoustic emissions (OAE) hearing screening device, case, printer and start-up supplies.
2013 $4,000.00

East Allen County Schools
To improve the amount and quality of sensory activities for at‑risk students, through the purchase and installation of equipment in a sensory room at Heritage Elementary School.
2014 $2,922.00
2013 $5,000.00
Easter Seals Arc of Northeast Indiana
To purchase two DINAMAPS to monitor and improve health outcomes for 600 low-income consumers with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
2017 $4,000.00
For a Hoyer lift and two adjustable exam tables so individuals with disabilities can receive quality medical exams on site at Easter Seals.
2014 $19,500.00
Fort Wayne Community Schools
To purchase the early interventions combo kit, including vision and hearing screening equipment, to be utilized in the Family Resource Center to screen students new to the school district.
2015 $10,932.00
For blood glucose meters, to be used by school nurses.
2014 $893.20
Fort Wayne Rescue Mission Ministries - Charis House
To supply the Charis House medical clinic with durable medical equipment.
2012 $2,500.00

Fort Wayne Sexual Assault Treatment Center
To purchase a VHS to DVD converter, cart, DVDs, and flat screen TV with built‑in DVD player for conversion of all VHS tapes to DVDs for training purposes.
2015 $580.00
To upgrade the examination rooms with new medical and storage equipment.
2013 $4,550.00
Headwaters Counseling
To purchase an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), in order to capture and access the appropriate real‑time information when assessments are conducted.
2015 $21,370.00
Healthier Moms & Babies
To purchase iPads to be used by case managers for field documentation and educational presentations and videos at home visits.
2017 $4,300.00
HearCare Connection
To contribute to the purchase of audiology equipment.
2017 $10,000.00

Matthew 25 Health & Dental Clinic
To purchase medical and dental equipment.
2017 $10,704.00
2016 $15,309.10
2015 $9,628.07
For an electrocardiogram (ECG) machine, defibrillators and dental equipment.
2014 $9,369.00
National Kidney Foundation of Indiana
To purchase a Nova Stat Sensor blood analyzer and Linerarity Kit for NKFI's Indiana Kidney Check screening program.
2014 $3,700.00
Northeast Indiana Positive Resource Connection (formerly AIDS Task Force)
To purchase two medical exam tables for an on‑site medical clinic for high risk clients not adhering to treatment, and newly HIV positive individuals or clients re‑engaging back into treatment.
2015 $2,779.93
Park Center
Start‑up funds for program‑related equipment for an integrated medical and behavioral health clinic at the site of the Lafayette Medical Center.
2016 $32,742.00
Super Shot
For a refrigerator, freezer and three transport coolers to safely store and transport vaccines.
2017 $10,628.65

Women's Care Center
For Medical Charting hardware and software.
2015 $5,000.00
For ultrasound printers and fetal models to help educate new parents to choose life for their babies.
2014 $7,000.00