Dr Cameron for web
Dr. Cameron, Medical Director of the Lutheran Children's Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, spoke about Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome during a Prenatal and Infant Care Network Talk February 22, at the Fort Wayne Medical Education Offices, 750 Broadway.


Please feel free to download these resources from our PIC Network Talks.

May 17, 2017, Meeting Materials:

Holli Seabury, CEO McMillen Health, "Update on Babieslove.org"

Seabury PIC Talk Video

Erin Norton, RN, BSN, IBCLC, Allen County FIMR (Fetal Infant Mortality Review) Coordinator

"What did we learn from the FIMR Study and what are the next steps?"

Norton PIC Talk Video

"Panel Discussion on Allen County Bereavement Services in Allen County"

Bereavement Discussion PIC Talk Video

Tammy Else, Lutheran Children’s Hospital

PALS, Forget Me Not Bereavement Program

The Peggy F. Murphy Community Grief Center


Reverend Patrick Riecke, Parkview Health

Healing Hearts

Ways to Manage Stress While Grieving

Family and Friends,"Our Grief Experience shared"

Dana Wyant

Dupont Hospital-PALS

February 22, 2017, Meeting Materials:

Dr. Amy Dawson, "Depression and Anxiety Screening during Pregnancy and Postpartum."

Dawson PowerPoint

Dawson PIC Talk Video

Dr. James Cameron,"Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome"

Cameron PowerPoint

Cameron PIC Talk Video

Nathan T. Stuckey, PharmD, "Psychiatric Medication use during Pregnancy."

Stuckey PowerPoint

Stuckey PIC Talk Video

November 28, 2016 Meeting materials:

Dr. Deborah McMahan, "Prenatal and Postpartum Depression is not Just a Mood. This is Serious Stuff"

McMahan PowerPoint

March 17, 2016, Meeting materials:

Northeastern Region IMR Fact Sheet 2014

2014 Hospital District IMR

Indiana IMR Fact Sheet 2014 Preliminary

Safe Sleep Map 


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